Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi Designs

Decorating the bride with natural henna is without doubt compulsory, nevertheless the girls and women around them take the liberty to apply mehndi designs on themselves as well,usually on the hand and feet, but some do apply on other body parts as well such as the legs and the arms.

Pakistan and Pakistani Mehndi Design 2011 is famous for the traditions saver as the nation in the world. Pakistan having the traditions through the era of ancient people. Mehndi is the one of the tradition exist in the Pakistan from Last Many centuries.
Therefore each and every Youth particularly girls are much concerned about the Pakistani Mehndi Design used in this tradition responsibility in Pakistan.
Pakistani Mehndi Design is lie among the craze to use at the occasions of the Mehndi in Pakistan. Pakistani girls having the much craze to use the design related with the Pakistani Mehndi Design as the requirement of Latest Fashion in the minds of the younger in Pakistan.
Pakistani Mehndi Design is the most unforgettable design because of the origin from the Pakistan.
As the new Year is coming which is 2012 the new designs of Mehndi in 2012 coming.  Below is the new Pakistani Mehndi Design 2012

as the Fashion Changed. The application of mehndi designs is probably not synonymous with western weddings,  but Indian and Pakistani weddings are never complete without these mehndi designs! Pakistani mehndi and Indian mehndi designs usually adorn the feet and hands of women that attend weddings in many different shapes and colors, though black mehndi designs as well as dark red mehndi designs are the most common.  These short term tattoos would usually last for two to three weeks, and would fade after a maximum of one month.

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