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  • Colorful Bangles

    Bangles have been widely used in India, Pakistan and all over the world. Today bangles are universal fashion accessory. Infinitely varied in material and decoration such as colorful bangles, fancy bangles, glass bangles, felted banges and prisma bangles.
    Colorful bangles including combinations of thread, beads and decorations to give you truly impeccable styles of bangles. Choose from moonstone, crystal, rhinestone, mirror etc. Also featured are resin bangles in any color you can think of.
    Bangles get importance in widding, valima and other parties.



    Beautiful colorful-bangle-designs-



    new and latest Gold designin bangles     Silver bangle



    Beautiful artificial bangles

  • Bridal Jewellery designs

    In Pakistan there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. This is a brand new category portraying pakistani brides. Its All about Pakistan Bridal look, Makeup, Suiting and jewellery. You will find latest jewellry and suiting designs. We are displaying a complete collection of latest Jewellery, makeup & bridal dresses.

    Bridal Jewellery has become necessary bridal item in Pakistani weddings. Gold jewellery is used on wedding day, including heavy neck-less, rings, bracelets, and bangles. We bring you the latest Designs of such bridal jewellery. Here are some more designs. . .


    Latest-JhumkasJewelry-and-Charismatic-Jhumkas-Traditional-2011-Fashion    Bridal neckless

    l-alloy-crystal-rhinestone-bridal-jewelry-set-Letest Bridal jewellery


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