• Arabic Mehndi Designs 2022

    Mehndi is the way to make our body as beautiful and dreamy as like a fairy or a flower. Mostly Arabians use to decorate their whole body with different mehndi patterns. But here I’ll illustrate some important and new established mehndi designs for eid 2011. Flower shaped mehndi designs have an enormous place in our history.

    arabic mehndi designs

    Arabic mehndi designs for hands

    Hands are the much authenticable part of the body and we use different mehndi designs to decorate our hands. Latest eid mehndi designs include flowers and tattoos of other wiled animals. Mehndi is also used as a hair dye and hairconditioner. It makes our hair much healthy and strong as like the strongest link to roots. Peacock shaped tattoo designing is used to make on the palm of the bride and groom. A sunflower shaped designing is usually made on the upper hand to increase the beauty of bride’s makeup

    Arabic Hand Mehndi Designs

    Arabic mehndi designs for feet

    Dark colored feet mehndi designs usually attract people’s attention by various ways. Fully designed feet with henna are named as bridal feet mehndi designs. A ray shaped tattoo on the left and right side of the foot make our feet much glorious and give an affective look to our feet. This type of designing is mostly used among the young girls like school and college girls.

    Arabic simple mehndi designs

    It is think that Arabic mehndi designs are quite simple but glamorous. Normally Arabic mehndi designs are in fine lines, basically they contains flower patterns and veins etc. As we know that Arabic’s are quite unique and latest in mehndi designs and mehndi patterns as well. Many of us like to wear these designs in order to enhance the beauty and charm of the event.

    Arabic Eid Mehndi Designs

    As we know that Eid (Muslim’s festival) is not far awayfrom us, it is the biggest day of the Islamic history and we have to celebrate this occasion with the depth of heart. Mehndi celebrations usually start from chand raat and till continuo whole night. Girls celebrate this occasion as in heartily famous festivals.

  • Mehndi Designs for Eid

    With a growing number of Muslims around the world, it has become important to raise awareness for Islam, its principles, and especially special holidays, one of which is the Eid al-Fitr, which occurs between September and October.

    To disseminate information to Islam and Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, in particular, here are some steps you can do.

    1. Eid is a special occasion for the whole Muslim countries but it has great importance for girls, because this day also includes mehndi celebrations to elaborate their selves. There includes mehndi designs for girls and boys also like, henna tattoos, mehndi designing as flowers or rays.

    2. Give the relevant literature. Your brochures and flyers have to destroy the principles of Ramadan, in a simple, easy to understand language that does not discriminate against non-Muslims. Measure what you can do it against a people of different faith

    More Eid Mehndi Designs

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