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    Beauty Tips
    1. I use a bright nail color as a base and then add lighter designs just on my thumbs, like little white hearts.” –Mariah, 13, Fairfield, CA
    2. “I give myself a French manicure, but I use black and white. Paint your nails black with at least two coats. When they dry, paint white nail polish across the top (2 or 3 coats). Then you have awesome, stylish nails that are sure to stand out!” –Holly, 14, Springfield, MO
    3. “I have a bunch of those little acrylic paints from the craft store, and I use them to paint my nails crazy colors! I love when every nail is different. They looks so bright and perk me up!” –Morgan, 16, Brick, NJ
    4. “I love to have one color on all of my nails with a little flower on my thumb. It’s really cute!” –Kaleigh, 17, Alberta, Canada
    5. “My favorite design is a zebra print (black stripes with bright or neon colors) and just a tad of glitter on the tips!” –Christina, 15, Shafter, CA
    6. “My fave nail design is polka dots! They’re so adorable and easy to do. You just have to apply a base color first, then use a lighter color to add dots.” –Tessa, 14, Behalto, IL
    7. “I absolutely love bright colored nail polish! I love how it pops and makes me stand out from everyone else! My favorite color is bright orange.”


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