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  • Arabic Mehndi Designs

    Mehndi Designs

    Arabic Mehndi Designs: Mehndi is a pure and simple way of body painting and hair dye. It used as traditional art in Pakistan, India, Arab and other Muslim countries. Mehn di is a temporary tattoomaking art.Arabic Mehndi Designs

    Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs: A simple water lily or tulip shaped flower are include in simple mehndi designs. A most common sunflower like flower is used to make on the finger tips. Th is simple flower hardlyincreases the beauty. On the other hand a very beautiful mehndi design means a simple line created like a peacock’s wings on the upper portion of the hand als o beautify the glory of nature. It is said that, mehndi increase the half of the beauty even there is a bride or  a common girl.

    Arabic Mehndi Designs

    Arabic Bridle Mehndi Designs: Here we can say that these are very complex and outstanding designs. A bride usually needs to cover or decorate the full hand with mehndi, because there is a separate mehndi ceremony in the wedding occasion. This ceremony is held to put the great stress on mehndi designs. So, bridle’s hands, arms and foot are nearly covered with mehndi designs. According to our tradition it is thought that mehndi is the half part of the bridle makeup.

    mehndi designs

    arabic mehndi designs

  • Pak Feet Mehndi

    Feet Mehndi
    Feet Mehndi Design
  • Indian Hand Mehndi Design

    Indian Hand design
    insian hand mehndi design
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